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November 05, 2006


Boy, Claire, I give you tons of credit for keeping up with this research project. It's hard, hard work, I'm sure, but someone's gotta do it.


Claire- that pie looks awesome although a little pecan goes a long way.

We do need to reschedule!!! Especially while something is still in season. Your pie experts are scaring me a tad though... :)

I know, BG. This work, it's so hard. Friends and pie? Do you know how difficult it is for me to find reasons to include either in my life?

Jennifer, we will reschedule. Don't worry, though, none of my guest researchers will be with me, and I'm pretty damn easy to please.

Listen, would you consider taking on associate/affiliate pie testers in other countries? I personally believe that this issue merits much more serious attention (i.e. along with global warming). Although arduous, I would be willing to take up the challenge.

I had pie! I will be posting my first IPFR pie tasting later this week. I even made my parents take pictures of the pie, and then had to explain the concept. I don't think they were as impressed as I thought they should be. :)

I definitely want Pie Field Researchers out there. I’m working on making badges for people’s blogs, but I’ve run into some technical problems. I’ll see if I can get them straightened out this week. I’m excited that people are into the idea! What’s not to love?

I have had two pieces of pie so far in Paris. One was apple pie with almonds at a restaurant, the other was apple pie with some kind of cheese at a friend's house. The homemade pie was better. I was disappointed that the almonds in the apple-almond pie weren't more candied than they were. Both crusts were excellent, though.

Sorry my reviews isn't very detailed. But I'm excited to be a European correspondent to the Pie Field Research team.

A Chicago recommendation: the Golden Apple Diner at Wellington and Southport, near the Athenaeum.

This is hysterical! All researchers should email Claire photos!

How fun!

(I just ate some more Halloween candy -- not as good as pie -- but sometimes you just can't pass up a Baby Ruth bar!)

Dan! How fantastic, thanks for reporting your findings.

BG, I just ate some candy, too... I should find actual food for lunch. Sorry about my ranting in your comments.

Yummy looking pie.

Pinko and UC need to come over here. I have a feeling Pinko knows something about the Chicago pie world.

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